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Femtonics Academy is a unique hub to share the latest information with our customers and partners about Femtonics products and technologies from the brochures down to detailed technical information. We are keep on disseminating the widest set of information to help the daily work of our users.

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Femtonics Academy advances microscopy, research and science education globally to drive knowledge, innovation, skills development, and diversity in technology fields.

About Femtonics

Femtonics is one of the most dynamically expanding manufacturers of two-photon laser scanning microscopy. We make unique, custom designed 2D systems and as a pioneer we have introduced real-time 3D imaging technology to the market. By our modularity, each Femtonics microscope fits the researcher’s own needs and it can suit a wide variety of biological applications. Our other advantage is our multidisciplinary team which continually enhance and confirm the scientific applicability of our new developments.

Technology and science. 
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Academy News

One special feature of our company is that we manufacture unique microscopes based on client request. These microscopes are familiar with newest techniques, patented many new solutions in the field of nonlinear scanning microscopy and ready to satisfy the specific needs in order to provide the best system for high impact experiments. Now we introduce some of these microscopes.

We would like to introduce new solutions for fast 3D imaging of cell bodies, dendrites and spines performed by Femto3D-AcoustoOptic microscope.

#Toparticle This paper provides an overview of recent advances in neural circuit imaging technologies, including the resulting technical challenges of signal processing and data analysis tools. You can read more about the 3D Acousto-Optic Scanning. Snap into a recommendation!