Galvo Scanner

The galvanometric scanner – commonly called “galvo” – consists of galvanometer based motor driven mirrors whose high mobility offers flexibility, accuracy, speed and a constant velocity for superior image quality. With using galvo scanner many scanning approaches are available.

Scanning modes

  • point and random access points (up to 200 µs/point)
  • line, freehand and curved line, multiple lines with bidirectional option (40 lines scans/ 5 ms)
  • frame scanning with the possibility of frame rotation (4.1 fps at 512x512 pixels, 750 µm x 750 µm)
  • folded frame and multiple folded frame scanning
  • 3D volume scanning with piezo objective positioner or fast focusing liquid lens





The dual scanner head is a combination of the galvo and resonant scanners taking all advantages of them.